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Plot of the film "Mulan"

The focus is on the beautiful Yifei Liu, who has to demonstrate a great range when Mulan turns from a brash, impulsive rebel into a mature, domineering leader. No less important is the fact that she finds her voice during this journey - a phenomenon characteristic of this character and this story, but no less relevant for women of all ages watching what is happening around the world right now. Liu's performance could have been stronger if she had been a little more emotional, but the steel and physical strength she demonstrates make her a convincing fighter. Karo is an ideal choice for directing "Mulan", because she became famous almost two decades ago by shooting another story about a determined girl who dared to challenge the patriarchy - "The Rider on the Whale" in 2002. Working from a script by Rick Jaffe and Amanda Silver and Elizabeth Martin and Lauren Hynek, Caro interweaves the ancient poetic roots of history with Easter eggs from the 1998 cartoon - although, alas, there is no eccentric dragon here, but this is a very independent artistic endeavor, and, of course, the most effective and necessary of all the remakes of the Disney animated catalog in direct the actions that we have seen in recent years.

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